Immigration Trial Attorney


Today the immigration laws have become more complicated and tough. Every day the difficulty of winning the deportation defense and the rigid laws are a tough task to handle. The immigration attorney knows all about the laws and regulations to save the immigrants.

Don’t Trust the News

Much of the news reported in television and print media presents fake stories on immigration issues. If you watch the immigration news, you may find that many people believe that all the procedures are very easy and also you can get even green card at ease without many complications. This is entirely false. The news channels are projecting false impressions. It is advised not to believe this news. Because, once the person is eligible for the green card and they apply for the same even, there is no assurance that you will get it definitely. There is only 50% possibility of getting it. So it is better if you don’t get into that trap.

Successful Immigration Is Complicated
Even with flawless cases, there is no guarantee that you will get through the process.
There are cases where the judges may think that you are a good person and they might rate 100% for your honesty but still they can reject your application stating that you don’t meet the US’ requirements. The case is worse for the applicants who don’t possess proper valid documents. In such situations they are cancelled for removal. Then they are supposed to prove

Ten years of ongoing physical existence in the U.S.
Good ethical behavior during the ten years
No beliefs which disqualify them from the benefits of immigration.
Exceptional problems to determining the same.
It is the duty of your immigration lawyer to help you in choosing the best option that will end up in confirming your stay in US with your family members happily. The immigration trial attorney makes sure to do all the essential procedures to make this happen.

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